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Live Well, Live Long

Proper nutrition is thShop With A Dietician - Vegese only way to have immediate results when it comes to health and happiness.

Many people hire personal trainers for exercise help, personal shoppers for more time, and bankers and accountants with financial expertise. A personal dietitian can help your life become healthier, happier, and longer at a fraction of the cost.

A professional nutritionist at your sidein the supermarket will guide you through the confusing maze of “nutritional” foods to the next step in healthy living.

Making informed choices about the foods we eat is the easiest way to increase energy and well being, and it starts with what we buy at the store.

Reading food labels and trying to decide which nutritional claims are true can be frustrating. Juli will help select good tasting, nutritional foods for you and your family.

In addition to feeling better overall and having more energy, you may lose weight, decrease your blood pressure, minimize the chance of diabetes, lower cholesterol, and prevent other medical problems associated with poor diet.

This affordable service can impact your life immediately.

Juli is a registered dietitian, teaches cooking, nutrition, and herb classes, volunteers as a master gardener and composter, was a cook on a tug boat, and is certified as an aerobic instructor by A.C.E..

It is not how long we live, but how healthy we live.

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